Saturday, July 22, 2017

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Free Site Creates Your Own Android Applications in Gainesville

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Are you looking to turn your blog into an android app for all your iPad fans?  Just in time for this month’s debut of Google’s new online App Store, an application development Web site is making it possible for consumers to develop applications for the Google Android OS free of charge. The– offers a user-friendly solution for inexperienced application developers. “Making your own Android app has never been so easy and affordable,” said Adan Vielma, president of IntroWizard LLC. “We’re trying a unique way of reaching out to consumers with app ideas but no understanding of how to make them or the funds to pay a developer.” represents a unique option in the marketplace. Unlike other app builder services, it offers free review, creation, and submission of apps to the App Store Marketplace. As compensation, the site places advertising in each of the free applications but also offers an advertising free paid submission service.

The new Web site provides a quick, cost-effective solution for casual developers who are interested in creating their own Droid compatible applications. The goal is to provide a personal development experience for people who have very limited or no expertise in computer programming. provides a simple, streamlined interface that walks individuals through the entire app development process.  Here’s how it works: Users provide the content-text, pictures or videos-and the Web site’s team of experts program, assemble and submit the final product to the App Store. “Now budding developers are in complete control of creating a fun and engaging Android app that they can share with friends and others in the greater community,” Vielma said.

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